Narcissist by Anonyomus

I see the gleam in his dirty-muddy eyes

He leans in and says, “You know I’m right”

He critiques my weight, and makes me feel As if I can’t equate

He forces me to write everything I eat

From a grain of rice to a piece of meat

He pushes me to be perfect

But B’s are just D’s, not even worth it

He slithers like a serpent in the shadows

Waiting for me to screw up, And when

I think I’m worth it, it’s never enough

He parades me in front of his friends

No one knows I’m screaming inside

Waiting for this charade to end

At times when I feel as if I can’t go on any longer, I think of my mother and strive to be stronger

When he gleams his snow-white smile

And call’s me “Daddy’s Little Girl”

The sound of it, makes me want to hurl

When he unleashes his potent charm

For everyone to see

No one sees the harm he brings to me

When he gallantly tries to fix me

He doesn’t understand, I don’t need fixing

When he brings in the replacement, I see no patience

And when she wraps me in a tight embrace

She whispers in my ear, “Your such a disgrace

When I want to pave my way in the world

He stares back at me, as if I was disturbed

He monitors my every move, so when I breathe, it’s something I have prove

When he try’s to make something small fit

I complain and he says, “If you were thinner, you could work it”

When I would ask why the boys could eat us out of house and home

I’m dismissed and alone

When his friends gush over the boys

I’m tossed aside, like a broken toy

When the replacement finishes the bottle

He smiles at her, as if she was a role model

When he leaves on business trips

I hole up in my room

And prepare to defend it

He see’s me pick up something extra to eat

Smiling and saying, “Do you really think you need it” And I throw it away in defeat

When he pushes me to please him

I know I’ll never win

And when he tell’s me goodnight

I prepare myself for a fight

Who is this egotistic, narcissistic, critical man?

His name is Father

And he’ll do it again




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