Daemon Black (Book Boyfriend)

(Oh my sweet goodness. I would have to say that Daemon is THE book boyfriend. He has everything a girl needs:

  1. Great looking body/face
  2. Can be a complete jerk face, but he will always be by your side
  3. Gives you adorable nicknames (ex. Kitten (a.k.a Katy)
  4. Will always be there to beat up anyone (especially men) who dares to harm you or even be in the same breathing room, but not in a possessive way.
  5. He also has that charm that makes most girls melt into a ooey gooey pile of chocolate chip cookies.
  6. And plus the fact he has freaking powers! Yup he’s a gorgeous alien that controls light. (Be still my beating heart)
  7. daemon
  8. He looks like this. No explanation needed
  9. If you want to know

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