Before I Fall by Lauren Kate Review


Before I Fall is a YA fiction novel that tell’s the story of a girl named Samantha “Sam” Kingston, who is enjoying the perfect senior year. She has a group of kick butt friends,Lindsey, Elody, and Ally and not mention a smoking hot boyfriend, who everyone wishes was theirs….Everything is perfect. That is until one fateful night while driving home from a rager of a party,where they torture an outcast named Juliet Sykes,who they have all bullied for years,  Sam and all of her friend’s  get into this horrific car accident..  There were no survivors. But then Sam wakes up the next morning seemingly fine and it all seem’s to be  just a bad dream. But then she realizes that nothing is fine. She is stuck in the same day. No matter what she does, the day starts and ends the same. Throughout the novel, she goes through the Five Stages of Grief, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and finally Acceptance. Will Samantha accept her fate of her death predestined her, or will she change her fate and everyone’s else for good?

Find out  by reading this tantalizing book about finding yourself, truly understanding life itself and understanding how even the smallest action can impact anyone’s life, be it good or bad.

I really enjoyed this book tremendously, from the first page to the ending .But this book is also sometimes confusing, as it flip flops between the present and flashbacks. I liked the maturity and growing up of the main character Sam throughout the book,but had myself wishing it had ended differently and that she had found herself truly before the end of the book. But the cool thing throughout this book, was that the characters had both non-redeeming  and redeeming qualities, which I found refreshing as it really lets people connect with the characters, from an eating disorder problem, or even peer pressure from friends and even bullying. All of these are problems these characters face, which really sets apart this novel from other teen fiction, where characters are so one-dimensional in a sense . I hope everyone reads this book and enjoys it as I have.




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